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Importance of Framing an Effective Drug Policy

The popular slogan, “Just say no”, stands true to its purpose when people use it to reject drugs while doing the rounds. Time and again efforts have been taken by the state and society alike to prevent and reduce substance abuse. Even after 50 years of drug war, the use and supply of drugs in the market hasn’t really stopped and, in the process, numerous lives get affected daily. It is due to the poor drug policy Teesside that people, suffering from its side effects or abusive habits are being socially marginalised throughout the world. In this blog, we bring to you, the top reasons why an ineffective drug policy is an utter failure. Read on to know-

Drug kills, literally

There have been more than 30,000 reported cases of murders due to drug dealings. People become extremely aggressive, and commit such heinous crimes at the blink of the eyes.  Without a proper drug policy Teesside, these problems will always be on the rise.


In most of the countries, people who are caught with drugs are instantly criminalized. It is necessary to remove this aspect at the earliest so as to make sure that people do not feel victimized by state laws. Decriminalisation is essential and people caught with drugs should be fined or imprisoned just like other small offenders.

Legal use

Legal use of drugs due to specific medical condition is always regarded as beneficial and this is what the ones framing the policy should keep in mind. Not every drug use is an abuse and this thin line needs to be clearly understood by the people and the lawmakers.

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