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Killer Effects Of Heroin Abuse You NEED To Know

Belonging to the opium poppy flower, heroin is one of the deadliest and addictive illegal drugs available. People either smoke it, snort it or directly inject it in their veins and hence it reaches the brain quickly. The high it gives you is the sole reason why people can become addicted to it even after a single use. With needles, it is the most dangerous way of taking it, and can lead to overdose or cause infection due to dirty needles. Some of the killer effects of the drug are discussed in this blog-

Heart rate drop

Heroin Teesside is known to kill more people than any other drug. With its consumption, the heart rate drops significantly and hence the breathing will slow down. It sends the person into a trance, and people feel as if they are in a dream. Overdose and regular use of the drug can even lead to coma! Heart rate is slowed down may even lead to death.

Skin disease

Heroin abuse leads to numerous skin diseases. As it is injected by needles, the chances of skin irritation, rashes and redness are high. Also, there are numerous cases of gangrene and Abscesses in the entire body due to the use of needle.

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